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We have developed a digital logbook that puts the pilots at the center without compromises. It is modern, easy to use, seamlessly integrated, and equipped with innovative features, all while remaining focused on addressing the real problems faced by our customers.

Full transparency

With us, there are no complicated and opaque payment plans with varying levels of functionality. You pay only 5,-€ per month for a membership including all available features!
You can terminate your membership at any time. No risk!

Responsive Design

Community Driven

For us, ‘community driven’ means that the community has a direct influence on the decision-making process for developing new features. Your feedback is crucial for us to continuously improve the product and to be able to develop it in the right direction. Whether it’s a new idea, a change request, or a malfunction; we are grateful for any feedback


Flight Management

CloudLog allows you to configure your flight edit view exactly according to your needs. You can toggle several flight attributes on and off, set up your own drop-downs and checkboxes, and much more. You only see what you truly need, without overloaded user interfaces.

Logbook Printouts

Export your flights into several known logbook formats. Printouts will look like paper logbooks including signatures. You can also apply custom filters to your printouts.

Airport – Places Database

With CloudLog you have access to a huge places and airport database with nearly 80.000 entries continuously growing.As all your flights all places can be viewed either on google map, open flight map or our special dark map.

Custom Flight Filters

Create custom flight filters. The following example is a simple illustration of a filter that shows all IFR flights in the last 30 days. The first row filters all flights during the last 30 days. The second filter row then filters only IFR flights. Each filter can be saved and used in your flight view, logbook printouts, and dashboard statistics.

Day and Night Themes

CloudLog comes with day and night themes.

CloudLog FlightTracker App
under development

Currently we are in a beta phase with our FlightTracker app for apple iOS and Apple Watch devices. If you are interested in joining our beta program please contact us.

Let’s work together!

We are always looking for good partnerships. If you are interested in an integration please contact us and let’s talk.
We have a REST API available for our integration partners.